About Us


As one of the first businesses in the industry and more than 20 years' experience in real estate enterprise, Livne Real Estate is your domain for strategic planning and resourcefulness. In addition, a full understanding of the needs of the Israeli and Anglo markets is crucial in obtaining the perfect property for you.

Managed by Efraim Weiss, Livne Real Estate embraces three intrinsic values in its day to day operations:


CARE – Livne Real Estate offers a down to earth and respectful approach for a smooth running procedure, ensuring optimal care of your property, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your investment is in excellent hands.


FORESIGHT – A pro-active approach with regard to caring for your property investment results in more effective management. Livne Real Estate possesses the ability to meet potential challenges as a result of meticulous research, experience, and foresight, as well as frequent property inspections.


TRANSPARENCY – In entrusting the care of your property with Livne Real Estate, you are ensured of full and constant access to all activities regarding your property. Livne, with its strong work ethic, provides you with a consistently high level of quality service.